San Giovanni Church in Carbonara

Monumental Church of San Giovanni in Naples

Brigante Engineering is currently implementing historical restoration, conservation, maintenance and enhancement works on the monumental Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara in Naples. The religious complex of San Giovanni a Carbonara is located on the north-eastem edge ofthe ancientAngevin wall of the City of Naples and consists of a historical monastery and churches positioned at different elevations: i.e. the Church of San Giovanni a Carbonara, the Chapel of Santa Monica and the Church of Santa Sofia.

The works that are being implemented follow a fundamental criteria for this type of intervention on historical monuments as well as on the specific focus of the work, such as: respect for Environmental, Historical, Archaeological and Topographical constraints; the reduction ofthe risk to the loss and deterioration of historical and artistic materiai; and the needs of the Client and end users in relati on to the overall enj oyment of the Complex.
The interventions are of a conservative nature and are focused primarily on the protection of the artistic assets present both inside and outside the complex, but also include the repair and restoration of the non-potable (gray water) sewer system, electrical systems, as well as removal of weeds and the disinfection of the site from bio-detergents. These interventions are located on the monumental staircase, extemal facades, roofs, the Churchyard of San Giovanni and in the other Chapels present in the complex.